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IBM Software for System z for Dummies
In today's globally competitive marketplaces and increasingly volatile economic business environment, companies rely on critical information as well as core business processes and new services that redefine the customer experience. To transform the management of critical information and processes, these organizations rely on enterprise systems - the software, servers, and storage at the core of an enterprise IT infrastructure. Read this guide to discover how to deliver a private cloud infrastructure at enterprise scale, critical data is always available across the enterprise, and ensure the integrity of critical data while mitigating risk and providing compliance. Read More >

Architect's Guide to IBM CICS on System z
IBM(R) CICS(R) Transaction Server (CICS TS) has been available in various guises for over 40 years, and continues to be one of the most widely used pieces of commercial software. This eBook can help architects understand the value and capabilities of CICS Transaction Server and the CICS tools portfolio, provides detailed guidance on the leading practices for designing and integrating CICS applications within an enterprise, and reveals the patterns and techniques you can use to create CICS systems that provide the qualities of service that your business requires. Read More >

IBM CICS Tools: Discovery and Optimization for the Next Generation
The continued increase in new workloads puts tremendous demand and strain on existing system and application programmer staff. Supporting this group with the right tools can help by allowing them to complete their tasks more quickly and efficiently, ultimately decreasing the need for additional, increasingly expensive and difficult to find resources. This analyst report includes a summary of some of the potential cost savings offered by improvements in the CISC component of IBM's System z mainframe platform, based on real world experiences. Read More >

CICS V5.1: Learning from the Cloud
Cloud computing embodies a set of ideas that touch on a number of key pain points within many organizations. Whether it involves deployment time, server management, or the cost of adding new servers, cloud infrastructure providers like Amazon (EC2) are delivering services that focus on these pain points. This white paper provides an overview of the recent 5.1 release of IBM's Customer Information Control System (CICS) platform that offers a highly reliable, extremely high-performance environment that now includes the best bits from the world of cloud computing. Read More >

Garanti Bank pushes the boundaries of efficient processing with CICS Transaction Server software
With continued strong growth in customers, assets and transactions, Garanti Bank needed to manage capacity and reduce costs.By upgrading its core banking systems to the latest version of IBM CICS Transaction Server software. Garanti now better manages its IBM® System z® servers’ capacity use, thus reducing its cost per transaction and minimizing the need to invest in additional capacity. Read More >

HSBC Bank Argentina cuts costs with IBM Problem Determination Tools
HSBC Bank Argentina S.A. needed to reduce mainframe application development costs and quickly identify and fix root-cause issues impacting application performance and reliability. Using IBM Problem Determination Tools, the bank’s development team modernized its processes for developing back-end IBM CICS applications. Read More >